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Annika Söderman

Position: Associate Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences

Email: YW5uaWthLnNvZGVybWFuO29ydS5zZQ==

Phone: +46 19 303038

Room: P2235

Annika Söderman
Research subject

About Annika Söderman

Annika Söderman is a registrated nurse (2002) and district nurse (2008), with previous experiences of working with palliative care and at a health care center. In year 2012, she began teaching as a junior lecturer at the nursing school at Örebro University, in Örebro, Sweden. In September 2021 she defended her Doctoral Thesis at the Department of Health Care Sciences. Annikas research was part of the interdisciplinary doctoral programme Successful Ageing, where her focus was on evaluating the Swedish version of the Dignity Care Intervention (DCI-SWE) in municipal, palliative care, for older people with palliative care needs. Annika is involved in two research groups focusing on palliative care (DCI-SWE and PACEM), and is currently a part of the research environment Care about Caring at Örebro University. Annika's pedagogical focus is primarily on palliative care/geriatrics as well as qualitative method, both at undergraduate and advanced level.


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