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Emergency care and transport to emergency hospitals by dying patients in the home; a necessity or an unnecessary suffering

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Elisabeth Bergdahl

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The goal of palliative care is to promote the well-being of the sick person and provide support to close relatives during the last time of life, even if the patient is cared for at home. Reduced or missing support can lead to emergency hospitalization being the only option in a desperate situation. Acute and sometimes unmanageable symptoms, which often occur in the final stage of life when the condition of the sick person suddenly deteriorate, can create worries and anxiety of the relatives or caregivers who then feel powerless. This can result in a transport to the emergency department, a less suitable place for care near the end of life when there is a high noise level and lack of access to adapted room. Even other ongoing activities in the surrounding can perceived as disturbing for the dying person and its relatives in a situation that is very sensitive. This project examines why and how the phenomenon arises and is experienced from multiple perspectives: patient, close relatives and staff and what interventions need to be developed.