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Ashley Hutchinson

Title: Associate Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Medical Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301067

Room: C2307

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Articles in journals

Rode, J. , Yang, L. , König, J. , Hutchinson, A. , Wall, R. , Venizelos, N. , Brummer, R. J. , Rangel, I. & et al. (2020). Butyrate Rescues Oxidative Stress-Induced Transport Deficits of Tryptophan: Potential Implication in Affective or Gut-Brain Axis Disorders. Neuropsychobiology, 1-11.

Conference papers

Edebol-Carlman, H. , Rode, J. , König, J. , Hutchinson, A. , Repsilber, D. , Kiselev, A. , Thunberg, P. , Lathrop Stern, L. & et al. (2019). Evaluating the effects of probiotic intake on brain activity during an emotional attention task and blood markers related to stress in healthy subjects. Paper presented at Mind, Mood & Microbes, 2nd International Conference on Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 17-18 January, 2019.