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Effect of serotonergic stimulation on the gut-brain axis in irritable bowel syndrome patients compared with healthy subjects applying functional brain imaging

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Robert Jan Brummer

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The serotonin signalling system plays an important role on both ends of the gut-brain axis and its bidirectional communication. Serotonin is one of the key neurotransmitters in the enteric and the central nervous system. Manipulations of the serotonergic system, by acute or chronic decrease or increase of serotonin, have been shown to affect gastrointestinal and psychological symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients in the preclinical and clinical setting. It is unknown how outcomes of acute serotonergic modulation relate to brain network activity. Hence, this study aims to reveal biosignatures related to serotonergic stimulation. Therefore, this study will examine how subjects with, and without, IBS respond to serotonergic stimulation.

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