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Brittany Evans

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301229

Room: L2221

Brittany Evans
Research subject Research environments

About Brittany Evans

My research is focused on underlying mechanisms of developmental problems in youth, and in particular, biological stress as such an underlying mechanism. Most of my work has centered on broader externalizing problems and substance use, but I have also worked with internalizing problems. I am fascinated by the biological factors that underlie individual differences, for example, cortisol levels (a stress hormone of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis), autonomic nervous system activity (e.g. heart rate), brain activity, and genetic factors. I am particularly interested in studying the interplay between the broader social environment (for example neighborhood urbanicity and socioeconomic conditions) and individual biological differences in shaping human behavior. 

I teach quantitative methods, biopsychosocial criminology, and psychopathology, drugs and crime. I also work as a pedagogical developer within the Criminology program.


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