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Danny Thonig

Title: Associate Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303836

Room: T2208

Danny Thonig
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About Danny Thonig

Danny Thonig is Associate Senior Lecturer at the School of Science and Technology at Örebro University and member of the Fellowship Development programme at Örebro University. A two page CV can be downloaded from here.


Danny Thonig's research is in theoretical materials modelling, with focus on computational analysis of atomistic, semi-classical dynamics and electronic structure theory. Such materials research has the main aim to be the fundament for more efficient, faster, smaller, and greener future technologies. Danny Thonig's research gave significant contribution in the area of magnetism, which are, among other things, i) revealing fundamental energy dissipation and energy conservation mechanisms in magnets, ii) characterising the thermal stability of various magnetic materials, in particular such that do not exists in nature, iii) demonstrate high existens probability of magnetic monopols in so called "spin ice" materials, which are otherwise forbidden by fundamental electro dynamical law. Danny Thonig is furthermore the initiator and main developer of the program package CaHmd



Danny Thonig gives lectures and/or computer labs for the courses Numerical Methods, Optimisation, and Multivariable Analysis in various engineering programs and he is responsible for the examination at advanced level at the School of Science and Technology at Örebro University. He is also STEM professional for the initiative "Letter for pre-science" and is engaged in public work.

Collaboration and assignments

Danny Thonig's research is carried out in strong collaboration with materials research groups worldwide, as traceable on the publication list. Danny Thonig is an internationally recognised expert and was also invited speaker at several conferences and workshops.

Danny Thonig is member of the following institutions:

  • Member of of the German Physical Society
  • Member of the Fellowship Development programme at Örebro University
  • Former Member of the Max Planck School for Science and Technology
  • Member of the Swedish Physical Society
  • Member of The European Materials Modelling Council
  • Member of the European Evaluation Board

Funding and awards

Danny Thonig was funded with the Vetenskapsrådet Starting Grant 2019 on the topic "Interplay between spin and lattice degree-of-freedom in ultrafast dynamics".


Kvantmekaniken forklarade snabb forflyttning av spinn mellan atomer - Link

Forskning om supersnabbt sätt att lagra information - Link

Interview on the Nobel Prize in Physics 2019 - Link

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Articles in journals

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