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Solid State Physics

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Peter Johansson

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Solid state physics studies solids, and in particular the interplay between microscopic structure and interactions and macroscopic properties, that we can observe with our own senses. The research in the group is theoretical, and is centered around two different projects.

The first project deals with stochastic simulations of partial differential equations which in this context describe either the classical physical properties of porous materials or the properties of trapped ultracold fermionic or bosonic atoms and molecules.

The second project studies nanooptic and nanoplasmonic phenomena, i.e. the optical properties of small, nanometer-sized structures often made of noble metals. With such structures electromagnetic fields can be concentrated to small volumes which can be used for example in improving molecular spectroscopy and sensing.

Research funding bodies

  • Carl Trygger Foundation
  • Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW)
  • The Magnus Bergvall Foundation
  • Swedish Research Council
  • Örebro University