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Desiree Wiegleb Edström

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Medical Sciences

Email: ZGVzaXJlZS53aWVnbGViLWVkc3Ryb207b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 302437

Room: X4311

Desiree Wiegleb Edström
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About Desiree Wiegleb Edström


Desiree Wiegleb Edström is a senior lecturer and assistant professor with a focus on education at the School of Medical Sciences at Örebro University and part of a group working with issues concerning medical and health professionals’ educations.

Desiree received her degree in medicine in 1985 at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. She became a medical doctor in 1987 and a specialist in the fields of dermatology and venereology in 1994 at the Karolinska University Hospital. In 2001, she received her PhD after completing the dissertation “Long-wave ultraviolet radiation (UVA1) and visible light: Therapeutic and adverse effects in human skin” at the Karolinska Instiutet. She then became an associate professor of dermatology in 2010.


Her role at the Örebro University is as an educational developer of the medical program for undergraduates, including the mentor program and development of interprofessional education, as well as educate lecturers. She is involved in the medical program as a lecturer, base-group leader and part of the theme “Defence” at the School of Medical Sciences at Örebro University. Desiree has also been responsible for organising a number of courses in dermato-venereology at the Karolinska Institutet, which included lecturing and assessment.


Desiree´s research initially focused on how the skin is affected by light, laser and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Her research interest has lately shifted to medical education with a focus on interprofessional education. She is involved in how to design web-based virtual patients for an interprofessional context and is interested in how interprofessional education can be applied in everyday clinical practice.

As part of a group working with medical and health care education, Desiree is involved in joint research activities in the fields of interprofessional education and clinical reasoning.

Desiree was a co-supervisor, with supervisor Samuel Edelbring, to Anne Friman, who successfully defended her thesis “Attitudes towards interprofessional work, and the conditions for knowledge development in wound management” at the Karolinska Institutet in 2015.


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