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Hazem Khalaf

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Medical Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301093

Room: X3121

Hazem Khalaf
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About Hazem Khalaf

Hazem Khalaf is a Senior Lecturer in Cellular Microbiology at the Department of Medical Sciences. He defended his PhD-thesis in 2010 at the Department of Science and Technology. The thesis describes inflammation and intracellular signaling events in response to infection and/or environmental pollutants, including pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds. Hazem Khalaf was appointed as Associate Professor (Docent) in Biomedicine in 2016.

Development of innovative strategies to combat bacterial and viral infections are urgent. The increase in antimicrobial resistance has been dramatic, leading to limitations in treatment options. Antimicrobial peptides have become attractive candidates for therapeutic applications in traditional medicine against infections. The research focuses on understanding host-pathogen interaction, intracellular signaling processes and subsequent release of inflammatory mediators, and how these processes can be counteracted by antimicrobial peptides. Our research has resulted in new innovations for the treatment of bacterial and viral infections and identification of possible diagnostic markers.

Hazem Khalaf is teaching and have course responsibilities in the subjects of Cell Biology and Microbiology at the basic and advanced levels in Medicine and Biomedicine.


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