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Hugo Hesser

Position: Professor School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303548

Room: L2632

Hugo Hesser
Research subject Research environments

About Hugo Hesser

Hugo Hesser is a clinical psychologist and since 2019 professor of psychology and director for the research environment Center for Health and Medical Psychology at Örebro University. His research intersects health psychology and clinical psychology.


The focus of his research is on identifying psychological mechanisms underlying both mental and physical illness in order to be able to develop and improve psychological treatments. An overall research interest is the further development of behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) on a theoretical learning basis.

Hugo Hesser is the research leader for several projects. Among other things, he has developed and tested psychological treatments for a number of physical symptoms such as tinnitus and irritable bowel syndrome. His ongoing research, in national and international collaboration, covers chronic pain, depression, obesity, diabetes, eating disorders, sleep and anger-related problems. Another research interest is the development of internet-delivered psychological treatments to increase access to and dissemination of evidence-based psychological treatments.


He mainly teaches in the psychologist program, where he is responsible for the master theses. He has extensive experience of teaching quantitative methods at various levels within the academy, including postgraduate education. He is currently supervising six doctoral students (three of them as the main supervisor) and one postdoctoral researcher.

Collaborations and other assignments

Hugo Hesser has a number of national and international research collaborations. He has a great interest in the development of quantitative methods in clinical psychology and acts as a statistical advisor in a number of scientific contexts. He is, among other things, the statistical advisor for the scientific journal Internet Interventions. He is also a member of the editorial board for the leading scientific journal of cognitive behavior therapy, Behaviour Research and Therapy, and the Research Ethics Council at Örebro University.


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