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Jan-Magnus Enelo

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303780

Room: F3259

Jan-Magnus Enelo

Research subject

About Jan-Magnus Enelo

Jan-Magnus Enelo is a senior lecturer in sociology and a researcher with an interest in social class, political sociology, and how culture affects values and actions



Jan-Magnus Enelo's research touches on subjects as how social and economic conditions affects basic values and dispositions, and how these in turn affects actions, political opinions and choice of political parties.

Jan-Magnus Enelo also researches honour-based violence and oppression, with an interest in how culture of honour arises, is expressed, changed and preserved.



Jan-Magnus Enelo mainly teaches sociological theory, and also quantitative methods.

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Articles in journals

Enelo, J. (2012). Conservative Distinctions: Moral and Cultural Conservatism. Praktiske grunde. Tidsskrift for kultur og samfunnsvitenskab (4), 35-42.

Chapters in books

Enelo, J. (2013). Folkbildning och Bourdieus kapitalformer. In: Bernt Gustavsson, Matilda Wiklund, Nyttan med folklig bildning: en studie av kapitalformer i folkbildande verksamhet (pp. 62-80). Lund: Nordic Academic Press.
Enelo, J. & Jonsson, B. (2013). Folkbildning och hälsokapital. In: Bernt Gustavsson, Matilda Wiklund, Nyttan med folklig bildning: en studie av kapitalformer i folkbildande verksamhet (pp. 234-248). Lund: Nordic Academic Press.
Enelo Jansson, J. (2010). An active space: structures within activist groups visiting three social forums. In: Jan-Magnus Enelo Jansson , Katarzyna Jezierska, Bernt Gustavsson, Altering Politics: Democracy from the Legal, Educational and Social Perspectives (pp. 101-105). Örebro: Örebro University.
Enelo Jansson, J. , Jezierska, K. & Gustavsson, B. (2010). Introduction. In: Enelo Jansson, Jezierska & Gustavsson, Altering Politics: Democraxy from the Legal, Educational and Social Perspectives (pp. 9-14). Örebro: Örebro University.

Collections (editor)

Enelo-Jansson, J. (ed.) , Jezierska, K. (ed.) & Gustavsson, B. (ed.) (2010). Altering politics: democracy from the legal, educational and social perspectives (1ed.). Örebro: Örebro universitet.

Conference papers

Enelo, J. (2012). Ett rum politiserat. Paper presented at Sociologidagarna, Sveriges sociologförbund, Stockholm, Sweden, March 15-17, 2012.
Enelo-Jansson, J. (2010). Stances and activism. Paper presented at International conference on democracy, human rights and social justice in a new global dispensation: challenges and transformations, Pretoria, South Africa, Februari 1-3, 2010.
Enelo, J. (2009). Den politiska åsiktsproduktionens sociala och ekonomiska villkor. Paper presented at Makt och motstånd i dagens välfärdsstater, Sveriges Sociologförbunds årskonferens, Uppsala 5-6 mars 2009.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Enelo, J. (2012). Klass, åsikt och partisympati: det svenska konsumtionsfältet för politiska åsikter. (Doctoral dissertation). Örebro: Örebro universitet.


Baianstovu, R. Í. , Strid, S. , Särnstedt Gramnaes, E. , Cinthio, H. & Enelo, J. (2019). Heder och samhälle: Det hedersrelaterade våldets och förtryckets uttryck och samhällets utmaningar. Örebro: Örebro University Press (Working Papers and Reports Social work 17).