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CVS - The Centre for Violence Studies

The Center for Violence Studies (CVS) is an international multidisciplinary research center, comprised of senior and junior researchers.

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Feminist Violence Studies

Violence is gendered and intersectional, and situated in social, political, economic, and environmental contexts. We study it in relation to power, distribution, and stratification.

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Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence, SToP

Our research on stalking and intimate partner violence mainly concerns risk assessment and risk management, using an applied criminological framework.

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At Juridicum, Professor Laura Ervo has a research group on violence-related research issues. This subgroup researches violence from legal perspectives.

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ReShape studies violence and abuse in sport, from various perspectives, including sport systems, governing bodies, gender, and prevention.

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Honour, Violence and Society

Honour, Violence and Society is an interdisciplinary research group that explores research on honour-based violence and oppression.

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SAFe - The Social Services’ Work with People with Disability

SAFe focuses on studying and developing support for the social services’ work with violence against people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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