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Karin H Franzén

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Medical Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301408

Room: C2110

Karin H Franzén
Research subject Research environments

About Karin H Franzén

Karin H Franzén is Associate Professor (docent) in Medical Sciences with specialization Biomedicine. She works as Senior Lecturer and is employed at Örebro University since 2008. She defended her PhD thesis about molecular genetic aspects on colorectal cancer at Linköping University in 2005. Karin H Franzén’s research focus is mainly inflammation in atherosclerosis.


Karin H Franzén’s research is mainly focused on inflammation in atherosclerosis and genetic risk factors. Inflammation in the blood vessels is one of the hallmarks of atherosclerosis. Her research focus is mainly IL-β, which is produced by the NLRP3 inflammasome, but also on CARD8, which has been identified as an important regulator for inflammation in vascular cells. Studies on molecules involved in cardiovascular diseases may in the future lead to the development of novel tailored treatment options and Karin H Franzéns research is also focused on evaluation of new treatment strategies against inflammatory targets in atherosclerosis.

Karin H Franzén is affiliated to the research environment Cardiovascular Research Centre (CVRC) at Örebro University, where she is supervisor for post docs and has been main supervisor for one PhD student to dissertation and co-supervisor to four PhD students.


Karin H Franzén is mainly lecturing in biomedicine, with an emphasis on molecular genetics and tumor biology at the Medical program at Örebro University, but also at second and third cycle courses. She has a solid experience as course coordinator at advanced and doctoral levels and is examiner at semester 2 in the medical program. She also supervises student theses at bachelor and master levels.


Karin is responsible for biomedicine in the section of Reproduction and Development in the Medical program and is coordinator for the course coordinators/examinators and is a member of the Medical program board at Örebro University.


Karin H Franzén’s main collaborative organizations are the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece, Linköping University and Karolinska Institute. In addition, Karin also has collaboration with the Swedish industrial partners BioReperia, Cantargia, Lipum and Thermo Fisher Scientific.



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Articles in journals

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Conference papers

Fransén, K. , Johansson, M. & Prenkert, M. (2016). Doktoranders upplevelse av nyttan med den obligatoriska forskarutbildningskursen Allmänvetenskaplig forskningsmetodik i medicinsk vetenskap vid Örebro universitet. Paper presented at NU 2016, Malmö, Sweden, June 15-17, 2016.
Fransén, K. , Paramel Varghese, G. , Jansson, J. , Eriksson, P. & Sirsjö, A. (2016). Molecular genetic aspects of the NLRP3 inflammasome in cardiovascular disease. Paper presented at Miami Winter symposium 2016, Miami, Florida, USA, 24-27 Jan., 2016.


Göthlin Eremo, A. , Tina, E. , Kruse, R. , Fransén, K. , Wegman, P. , Repsilber, D. , Montgomery, S. , Sollie, T. & et al. Gene expression profiles in breast tumors from tamoxifen treated patients with and without distant recurrence.