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Inflammation, Genetics and Drug Discovery in Cardiovascular Systems

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Karin H Franzén

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Inflammation is a central process of the immune system in the body and protects against damage. The inflammatory process is influenced by hereditary and environmental factors. An uncontrolled inflammatory process can result in disease, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Controlling the inflammatory process is therefore a future treatment strategy for several different diseases with inflammatory background. In collaboration with Swedish biotech companies, Swedish and International universities, we study genetic aspects and how new drug candidates can affect the inflammatory process in cardiovascular systems and cancer.

In collaboration with business partners, we have access to several different future drug candidates such as small molecules, nucleotide-based molecules, antibodies and recombinant proteins, which in the future could be used for the treatment of vascular inflammatory diseases, thrombosis and cancer.

Our research can be summarized in the following aims:

  • Identification of biomarkers and regulatory pathways involved in the inflammation process, with focus on cardiovascular disease.
  • Role of new drug candidates that can be used in future treatment of diseases with an inflammatory background, with a focus on cardiovascular diseases, sepsis and cancer. 
  • Identification of genetic variants that can affect the inflammatory process and the development of cardiovascular diseases.

In the future, our research can lead to new treatment strategies against cardiovascular diseases and cancer, diseases which today account for almost 28 million deaths every year in the world. It is thus a significant benefit for the patients.

Do you want to participate in our research group or are you interested in collaborations?
We are continuously looking for interested, motivated and talented new colleagues who want to do research with us within the framework of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, the KK Foundation or other research programs. We also welcome bachelor and master students who want to do degree projects with us.

Research funding bodies

  • The Knowledge Foundation