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Lars Eriksson

Title: Research Assistant (Doctoral Student) School/office: School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science


Phone: +46 19 303000, +46 708 660702

Room: K111

Lars Eriksson

About Lars Eriksson

Lars Eriksson PhD student in Culinary Arts and Meal Science

Lars Eriksson received his Bachelor of Arts and Meals program for waiters at Campus Grythyttan, Örebro University, 1995.

For more than 20 years, Lars has been working as a designer of meals. The work has meant planning and implementing meal arrangements for government agencies, cultural institutions and private companies. 

The missions has been to strengthen the clients ' brands by developing new ways of serving, presenting different table settings and develop aesthetically pleasing meal arrangements.

Lars has recurring worked with teaching, at different levels, from short courses to further higher education.

In 2011, Lars was employed as a university lecturer at the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science (RHS). Main areas for teaching have been courses in aesthetic, meal events and crafts. Lars has worked actively with development of this courses.

In collaboration with Konstfack, RHS and the industry, Lars received in 2010 a research grant of 300,000 SEK from the Knowledge Foundation for research to investigate man's aesthetic movement during the meal.

Lars was adopted as a graduate student in the subject Culinary Arts and Meal Science at RHS 2015.

Research field

  • Lars is working on following research question: how does the knowledge of the knowledgeable waiter be understood when he / she plans and performs table-settings and serving in a meal situation?

Investigations of the table's vicinity with its various objects, and the events they generate, are in focus.

Studies are conducted to see how the waiter/waitress work

 in his profession affects and control human activities during the meal and thereby her opportunities to act, carry out the meal and have the opportunity to experience it. The research deals with how the meeting between individuals / guests constituted by the meal.

  • The theoretical framework of the research is based on FAMM (Five Aspects Meal Model), time geography and a craft science approach.
  • Key research methods comes from time geography, craft practices and aesthetic laboratory work.
  • Material is obtained from laboratory work, archive studies, interviews, and through auto nanography.


  • Department of Cultural Conservation, Gothenburg University. Crafts Science is the term which is used by the craftsman's group at the Department of Conservations. Lars is part of this PhD student group.
  • HAPTICA research project, a collaboration between Konstfack and RHS, financed by the Swedish Research Council. HAPTICA is a research project about how aesthetic methods and concepts from design area can be applied in culinary events.

Research projects


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Articles in journals

Eriksson, L. , Jonsson, I. M. & Öström, Å. (2020). Waiter's craft-related actions studied from the perspective of time-geography. Nordic Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 10 (2), 152-176.
Eriksson, L. , Seiler, J. , Jarefjäll, P. & Almevik, G. (2019). The time-space of craftsmanship. Craft Research, 10 (1), 17-39.

Chapters in books

Eriksson, L. (2000). Svensk representativ dukning. In: Swahn, Jan-Öjvind, Lagerqvist, Lars O., Möller, Christina & Rådström, Niklas, Gastronomisk kalender 2001: Gastronomiska Akademiens årsbok (pp. 47-54). Stockholm: Bokförlaget Prisma.

Conference papers

Eriksson, L. , Almevik, G. , Öster, A. , Andersson, G. & Linda, L. (2019). Crafting film instructions: e-learning in craft education. Paper presented at Make & Learn, Göteborg, Sweden, September 17-20, 2019.
Eriksson, L. , Nygren, T. & Öström, Å. (2018). Communcation tools for meal design. Paper presented at International Conference Tomorrow´s Food Travel (TFT), Centre for Tourism, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 8-10, 2018.
Eriksson, L. (2017). Att ge förklaringar till servitörens kunskap i fråga om dukning och servering. Paper presented at Måltidsakademiens forskningsseminarium "Måltid & gastronomi", Uppsala, Sweden, May 18, 2017.
Eriksson, L. (2016). Bordsdukningens system: Tidsgeografi som metod för att förstå vad som skall plockas fram och vad som skall plockas bort. Paper presented at Måltidsakademins forskningsseminarium "Mat och måltid", Uppsala, Sweden, May 19, 2016.
Eriksson, L. , Almevik, G. , Seiler, J. & Jarefjäll, P. (2016). Dioramas of Craftmanship: Investigating Craft Practice with Time Geography. Paper presented at Make it NOW! International NordFo Conference, University of Turku, Rauma, Finland, September 28-30, 2016.
Eriksson, L. , Seiler, J. , Jarefjäll, P. & Almevik, G. (2016). Paths and constraints in the time-space of craftmanship. Paper presented at 2nd International Time-Geography Conference, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden, September 21-23, 2016.
Eriksson, L. (2016). Waiters Craftmanship - The Sloppy Set Table: How can the craft of setting a table be defined?. Paper presented at 1st Granqvist Culinary Arts & Meal Science Symposium, Campus Grythyttan, Örebro universitet, Grythyttan, Sweden, March 18, 2016.
Eriksson, L. (2014). Estetiska kompositionsbegrepp: från Cheryl Akner-Kolers avhandling Form and formlessness 2007. Paper presented at Vetenskapsrådets årliga symposium om konstnärlig forskning 2014, "Från konstnärlig högskola till universitet". Vetenskapsrådets kommitté för konstnärlig forskning i samarbete med Högskolan i Borås, Borås, Sweden, November 27-28, 2014.
Eriksson, L. , Öström, Å. & Akner-Koler, C. (2011). Embodied aesthetic movements during mealtime: a provocative method for design innovation of culinary utensils. Paper presented at The Third Uppsala University Body/Embodiment Symposium, Bodies Knowing Bodies: Interrogating Embodied Knowledges, 17-18 nov 2011.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Eriksson, L. (2021). Att gestalta måltider – mise en place, dukning och servering: En metodstudie i servitörens hantverkskunnande. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Örebro: Örebro University.


Seiler, J. , Eriksson, L. , Westerlund, T. & Almevik, G. Ways of tacit knowing.