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Lina Tingö

Position: Researcher School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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Room: X2307

Lina Tingö
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About Lina Tingö

Lina Tingö has returned to Örebro after two years as a postdoctoral fellow at Linköping University. She defended her thesis on gastrointestinal health and ageing at Örebro University in 2016.


Currently, Lina Tingö is a researcher in the focus area of Food and Health at Örebro University. (LINK)

While at Linköping University, Lina Tingö focused on child development, from pregnancy to two years.

She is interested in the role diet plays in our health, focusing on the immune system's development and function. The common thread in her research is the importance of dietary supplements on improving health. She focuses mainly on the addition of probiotic bacteria and omega-3 fats and has been involved in several randomized intervention studies.


Lina Tingö’s teaching assignments include the role as a base group supervisor in the Programme in Medicine, at both Örebro University and Linköping University, and has supervised students in problem-based learning within the course Advanced Immunology at Linköping University.

She also supervises student academic papers in her research area, in the Programme in Medicine as well as other study programs in the Master's programme (two-year), both in Örebro and Linköping. She has also been course coordinator at Örebro Folkhögskola in the subject of scientific method and design.

Collaborations and assignments

Lina Tingö is still working part time as a scientist at Linköping University, studying childhood immunology within the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

She has several national and international collaborations. For example, she has visited researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, USA, to learn new experimental methods. She has a continued collaboration with scientists at Baylor to study the intestine using organoids.

Lina Tingö also studies immune-related micro-RNA in breast milk, collaborating with researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Calabria in Italy.

As part of her research, she also works together with companies like BioGaia AB and Pfizer.


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