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Mats Humble

Title: Adjunct Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Medical Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303000

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Articles in journals

Glans, M. , Thelin, N. , Humble, M. B. , Elwin, M. & Bejerot, S. (2021). Association between adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and generalised joint hypermobility: A cross-sectional case control comparison. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 143, 334-340.
Hylén, U. , Eklund, D. , Humble, M. B. , Bartoszek, J. , Särndahl, E. & Bejerot, S. (2020). Increased inflammasome activity in markedly ill psychiatric patients: An explorative study. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 339.
Bejerot, S. , Edman, G. , Frisén, L. & Humble, M. B. (2017). Evidence-Based Brief Obsessive-Compulsive Scale. Journal of Central Nervous System Disease, 9.
Humble, M. B. & Reis, M. (2017). Paroxetine concentrations in obsessive-compulsive disorder: Support for a therapeutic interval. European psychiatry, 41 (Suppl.), S322-S322.
Meehan, A. D. , Humble, M. B. , Yazarloo, P. , Järhult, J. & Wallin, G. (2016). Reply to comments From Dr Lozano, et al - Concerning the prevalence of lithium-associated hyperparathyroidism. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 36 (2), 191-192.
Fernell, E. , Bejerot, S. , Westerlund, J. , Miniscalco, C. , Simila, H. , Eyles, D. , Gillberg, C. & Humble, M. B. (2015). Autism spectrum disorder and low vitamin D at birth: a sibling control study. Molecular Autism, 6.
Meehan, A. D. , Humble, M. B. , Yazarloo, P. , Järhult, J. & Wallin, G. (2015). The prevalence of lithium-associated hyperparathyroidism in a large Swedish population attending psychiatric outpatient units. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 35 (3), 279-285.
Manouilenko, I. , Eriksson, J. M. , Humble, M. B. & Bejerot, S. (2014). Minor physical anomalies in adults with autism spectrum disorder and healthy controls. Autism Research and Treatment.
Bejerot, S. , Edman, G. , Anckarsäter, H. , Berglund, G. , Gillberg, C. , Hofvander, B. , Humble, M. B. , Mörtberg, E. & et al. (2014). The Brief Obsessive-Compulsive Scale (BOCS): a self-report scale for OCD and obsessive-compulsive related disorders. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, 68 (8), 549-559.
Bejerot, S. , Plenty, S. , Humble, A. & Humble, M. B. (2013). Poor Motor Skills: A Risk Marker for Bully Victimization. Aggressive Behavior, 39 (6), 453-461.
Bejerot, S. , Eriksson, J. M. , Bonde, S. , Carlström, K. , Humble, M. B. & Eriksson, E. (2012). The extreme male brain revisited: gender coherence in adults with autism spectrum disorder. British Journal of Psychiatry, 201, 116-123.
Bejerot, S. , Gardner, A. & Humble, M. B. (2011). D-vitaminbrist [Vitamin D deficiency]: vems ansvar? [who's responsibility?]. Läkartidningen, 108 (14), 812-812.
Bejerot, S. , Edgar, J. & Humble, M. B. (2011). Poor performance in physical education: a risk factor for bully victimization. A case-control study. Acta Paediatrica, 100 (3), 413-419.
Humble, M. B. , Gustafsson, S. & Bejerot, S. (2010). Low serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-OHD) among psychiatric out-patients in Sweden: relations with season, age, ethnic origin and psychiatric diagnosis. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 121 (1-2), 467-470.
Bejerot, S. & Humble, M. B. (2007). Relevance of motor skill problems in victims of bullying. Pediatrics, 120 (5), 1227-1228.
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Humble, M. , Bejerot, S. , Bergqvist, P. B. & Bengtsson, F. (2001). Reactivity of serotonin in whole blood: relationship with drug response in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Biological Psychiatry, 49 (4), 360-368.
Bejerot, S. & Humble, M. B. (1999). Low prevalence of smoking among patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 40 (4), 268-272.

Articles, reviews/surveys

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Humble, M. B. (2016). Obsessive-compulsive disorder, serotonin and oxytocin: treatment response and side effects. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Örebro: Örebro university.