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Immunoneuropsychiatry (INP)

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Susanne Bejerot

Research subject

The research concerns neuropsychiatric conditions including psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome, (PANS and PANDAS), and autism spectrum disorder, as well as dementia. In recent years, we have researched immunological and microbiological aspects of these conditions and have been able to show that inflammation markers are generally elevated in several psychiatric disorders.

We have also investigated the effect of the immunomodulating drug rituximab in an open pilot study on adult patients with OCD or psychosis, where mainly the group with psychosis improved markedly. We are currently running a placebo-controlled multicenter study with rituximab in psychosis. We are also investigating the effect of CBT over the internet for people with autism spectrum disorder, as well as microbiological aspects of oral health in dementia. The goal is clinically anchored research for important patient groups with severe functional impairments and great need for assistance. The hope is to find markers and develop new forms of treatment, especially immunological, which may help against severe neuropsychiatric diseases.

Ongoing projects

  • A randomized controlled trial with Rituximab – for psychotic disorders in adults
  • Internet based treatment for adults with Autism spectrum disorder
  • Munbakteriers roll i utvecklingen av demenssjukdom
  • Rituximab för schizofrenispektrumsjukdomar och tvångssyndrom. Två pilotstudier