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Mia Svantesson

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Mia Svantesson
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About Mia Svantesson

Mia Svantesson is an associate professor in medical ethics, affiliated to Örebro University, but employed as a research supervisor at the University Health Research Center and as ethics advisor in Region Örebro County. She has a background as a critical care nurse specialist.


The focus is ethics research related to decision-making about life-sustaining treatment and methods to support healthcare professionals in ethically difficult situations; clinical ethics support/moral case deliberation.

Mia possesses expertise on complex research methods; eg abductive content analysis, ethnography and participant observation. Mia has been involved in or led European ethics research projects. Mia has a significant publication of scientific papers, editorials and review assignments. She has also been interviewed in popular science magazines, received an ethics award for moral case deliberation research and has now been appointed as an 'outstanding author' by Annual palliative medicine.

Collaborations and assignments

  • Participating researcher in the European critical care projects ETHICATT,  Ethicus and CONFLICUS departing from European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
  • Senior research fellow in a UK ethnographic project Warwick university, funded by the National Institute for Health Research on understanding the decision-making process about intensive care.  
  • Directed a research project on assessments of intensive care/level of care during Covid-19, as well as on staff moral distress.
  • Shared project leadership with Bert Molewijk, University Medical center, Amsterdam regarding the European collaboration on the development of an evaluation instrument for ethics support. The revision work has transitioned to national collaboration with shared project leadership with Pernilla Pergert, Caroline Institute. There is also a collaboration regarding different methods for ethics support in Sweden in this national ethics support research team.
  • Member in the European Clinical Ethics Network, the Swedish Nurses Association's ethics delegation and ethics advisor in the Clinical Ethics Committee and the Political Ethics Council, RÖL.
  • Supervision of a total of nine doctoral students with emphasis on ethics.


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