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Experiences and outcomes of cough-assist for persons with progressive neurological disease

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Mia Svantesson

For persons with neurological disease and impaired coughing capability, the technical device cough-assist is a relatively common treatment. The device helps to clear the airway from mucus, with the main aim to reduce the risk of airway infections. Reviews shows that it has been difficult to prove the effect of the device. Also, studies that describe person’s experiences of using it are lacking. This group of patients can be complex to study because of the severity of the disease and how it affects the person’s life. Therefore, introducing and implement treatment with cough-assist for this group of patients might be a challenge. To examine the cough-assist from a holistic perspective, the design multiple case study was found suitable for the aim and research questions. In a multiple case study, it is common to use multiple sources of evidence, and it is common to use both qualitative and quantitative methods

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  • Regional Research Council Mid Sweden