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Nina Hasche

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: Örebro University School of Business

Email: bmluYS5oYXNjaGU7b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 301079

Room: N3050

About Nina Hasche

Nina Hasche is an Associate Professor in Business Administration and research leader of INTERORG - Marketing Research Center at Örebro University School of Business. Nina is also part of Center for Sustainable Business. The research she conducts can best be traced to areas such as marketing, strategy and innovation.

Nina is interested in change and development processes in relationships and networks between different types of actors in different contexts. Her latest projects have focused on value creation, trust building and resource development in various types of collaborations. Recently, she has focused on transformation processes for a more sustainable society and how different actors collaborate for circular solutions in different sectors. 

She has published articles in the Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Public Management Review, IMP Journal, European Journal of Innovation Management and others.

Nina teaches students in subjects such as marketing, strategy and business development.


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