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Patrick van Hees

Title: Adjunct Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303000

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Articles in journals

Rosenstock, N. P. , van Hees, P. , Fransson, P. M. A. , Finlay, R. D. & Rosling, A. (2019). Biological enhancement of mineral weathering by Pinus sylvestris seedlings - effects of plants, ectomycorrhizal fungi, and elevated CO2. Biogeosciences, 16 (18), 3637-3649.
Larsson, M. , Lam, M. M. , van Hees, P. , Giesy, J. P. & Engwall, M. (2018). Occurrence and leachability of polycyclic aromatic compounds in contaminated soils: Chemical and bioanalytical characterization. Science of the Total Environment, 622-623, 1476-1484.
Elgh-Dalgren, K. , Arwidsson, Z. , Ribé, V. , Waara, S. , von Kronhelm, T. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2011). Bioremediation of a soil industrially contaminated by wood preservatives: degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydro­carbons and monitoring of coupled arsenic distribution. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 214 (1-4), 275-285.
Elgh-Dalgren, K. , Düker, A. , Arwidsson, Z. , von Kronhelm, T. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2011). Re-cycling of remediated soil: evaluation of leaching tests as tools for characterization. Waste Management, 31 (2), 215-224.
Fujii, K. , Hayakawa, C. , van Hees, P. A. W. , Funakawa, S. & Kosaki, T. (2010). Biodegradation of low molecular weight organic compounds and their contribution to heterotrophic soil respiration in three Japanese forest soils. Plant and Soil, 334 (1-2), 475-489.
Arwidsson, Z. , Elgh-Dalgren, K. , von Kronhelm, T. , Sjoberg, R. , Allard, B. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2010). Remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil washing residues with amino polycarboxylic acids. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 173 (1-3), 697-704.
Elgh-Dalgren, K. , Waara, S. , Düker, A. , von Kronhelm, T. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2009). Anaerobic bioremediation of a soil with mixed contaminants: Explosives degradation and influence on heavy metal distribution, monitored as changes in concentration and toxicity. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 202 (1-4), 301-313.
Holmstrom, S. J. M. , Rosling, A. , Finlay, R. D. , van Hees, P. A. W. & Lundstrom, U. S. (2009). Contribution of ectomycorrhizal fungi to biogeochemical processes during iron and calcium limitation. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73 (13), A546-A546.
Elgh-Dalgren, K. , Arwidsson, Z. , Camdzija, A. , Sjöberg, R. , Ribé, V. , Waara, S. , Allard, B. , von Kronhelm, T. & et al. (2009). Laboratory and pilot scale soil washing of PAH and arsenic from a wood preservation site: Changes in concentration and toxicity. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 172 (2-3), 1033-1040.
Johansson, E. M. , Fransson, P. M. A. , Finlay, R. D. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2009). Quantitative analysis of soluble exudates produced by ectomycorrhizal roots as a response to ambient and elevated CO2. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 41 (6), 1111-1116.
Finlay, R. , Wallander, H. , Smits, M. , Holmstrom, S. , van Hees, P. A. W. , Lian, B. & Rosling, A. (2009). The role of fungi in biogenic weathering in boreal forest soils. Fungal Biology Reviews, 23 (4), 101-106.
Nambu, K. , van Hees, P. A. W. , Jones, D. L. , Vinogradoff, S. & Lundström, U. S. (2008). Composition of organic solutes and respiration in soils derived from alkaline and non-alkaline parent materials. Geoderma, 144 (3-4), 468-477.
van Hees, P. A. W. , Johansson, E. M. & Jones, D. L. (2008). Dynamics of simple carbon compounds in two forest soils as revealed by soil solution concentrations and biodegradation kinetics. Plant and Soil, 310 (1-2), 11-23.
Hagedorn, F. , van Hees, P. A. W. , Handa, I. T. & Haettenschwiler, S. (2008). Elevated atmospheric CO(2) fuels leaching of old dissolved organic matter at the alpine treeline. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 22 (2), GB2004.
Johansson, E. M. , Fransson, P. M. A. , Finlay, R. D. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2008). Quantitative analysis of exudates from soil-living basidiomycetes in pure culture as a response to lead, cadmium and arsenic stress. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 40 (9), 2225-2236.
Johansson, E. M. , Fransson, P. M. A. , Finlay, R. D. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2008). Quantitative analysis of root and ectomycorrhizal exudates as a response to Pb, Cd and As stress. Plant and Soil, 313 (1-2), 39-54.
van Hees, P. A. W. , Elgh-Dalgren, K. , Engwall, M. & von Kronhelm, T. (2008). Re-cycling of Remediated Soil in Sweden: An Environmental Advantage?. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 52 (12), 1349-1361.
Arwidsson, Z. , Johansson, E. M. , von Kronhelm, T. , Allard, B. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2008). Remediation of Metal Contaminated Soil by Organic Metabolites from Fungi I—Production of Organic Acids. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 205 (1-4), 215-226.
Olsson, S. , Van Schaik, J. W. J. , Gustafsson, J. P. , Kleja, D. B. & van Hees, P. A. W. (2007). Copper(II) binding to dissolved organic matter fractions in municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash leachate. Environmental Science and Technology, 41 (12), 4286-4291.
Rosling, A. , Suttle, K. B. , Johansson, E. , van Hees, P. A. W. & Banfield, J. F. (2007). Phosphorous availability influences the dissolution of apatite by soil fungi. Geobiology, 5 (3), 265-280.
Geibe, C. E. , Danielsson, R. , van Hees, P. A. W. & Lundstrom, U. S. (2006). Comparison of soil solution chemistry sampled by centrifugation, two types of suction lysimeters and zero-tension lysimeters. Applied Geochemistry, 21 (12), 2096-2111.
van Hees, P. A. W. , Rosling, A. , Lundstrom, U. S. & Finlay, R. D. (2006). The biogeochemical impact of ectomycorrhizal conifers on major soil elements (Al, Fe, K and Si). Geoderma, 136 (1-2), 364-377.

Conference papers

Elgh-Dalgren, K. , Arwidsson, Z. , Sjöberg, R. , Allard, B. , von Kronhelm, T. & van Hees, P. (2009). Effect of chemical amendments on the distribution of arsenic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a contaminated soil. Paper presented at SETAC Europe 19th Annual Meeting, Göteborg, Sweden, May 31-June 4, 2009.
Arwidsson, Z. , Elgh-Dalgren, K. , Nehrenheim, E. , Odlare, M. , Ribé, V. , Sjöberg, R. , von Kronhelm, T. , van Hees, P. & et al. (2009). Remediation of soils and sludges containing organic contaminants as well as metals – soil-wash procedures combining biodegradation, chemical complexation and mechanical separation of particulate matter. Paper presented at 12th EuCheMS International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment, Stockholm, Sweden, June 14-16, 2009.


Arwidsson, Z. , Allard, B. , Elgh-Dalgren, K. & van Hees, P. Recycling of amino polycarboxylic acids in soil washing of heavy metal contaminated soil.