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Tabita Sellin Jönsson

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Tabita Sellin Jönsson
Research subject

About Tabita Sellin Jönsson

Tabita Sellin Jönsson has a PhD in medicine. She defended her doctoral thesis on eating disorders in 2008. An affiliated researcher at the School of Medical Sciences at Örebro University, she is also a researcher and research supervisor at the University Healthcare Research Centre (UFC). Her clinical practice involves her working with young adults as a CBT therapist within the psychiatric care services in Region Örebro County.


Tabita’s research focuses persons with psychiatric disorders, interventions within care, and experiences of care environments. Her studies are mainly conducted within psychiatric inpatient and outpatient care. Quantitative studies have for example concerned outcomes following forensic psychiatric care, eating disorder care, addiction care, as well as quality of care. Qualitative studies have examined patients’ own experiences of care environments, attention and response from caregivers, participation, and recovery. Over the last few years, her research has primarily dealt with suicide in patients in contact with primary care as well as psychiatric and somatic specialist care.

Project coordination within suicide research

Tabita is the initiator and project leader of the long-term research project Psychiatric Research on Suicide (PROS), studying the prevalence of suicide among care seekers in Örebro County. The project has been approved by the Ethical Review Agency in Uppsala.

Data is collected from medical records/the patient administrative system in Region Örebro County, the National Mortality Register till National Cause of Death Register, the National Patient Register, the National Prescription Register, as well as Statistics Sweden’s research databases. A case-control research design is primarily used, with both patient and population control groups. The first part of the study, examining suicide in Örebro County during the period 2007-2013, was published in BMC Psychiatry and discusses care consumption, psychological interventions within psychiatric care, and life conditions such as employment rate, family situation and housing prior to suicide.

The results show how those deceased as a result of suicide had had fewer visits and a lower degree of evidence-based combination interventions than those in the control group of the same sex, age and principal diagnosis. The studies also show that the deceased had a high level of somatic comorbidity and that there was an explicit low employment rate among both the diagnosed cases and control groups within psychiatric care, in spite of average to high educational attainment.

The remaining part of the project concerns suicide methods, and especially the care chain before and after intoxication with suicidal intent. Moreover, suicide is studied in relation to somatic comorbidity in patients cared for within specialist care units other than psychiatric care.

National collaboration

Tabita is researcher within and coordinator of Region Örebro County’s participation in the national medical records review project currently underway within most regions in Sweden. The national project coordinator is Professor Åsa Westrin, Lund University.

In her role as researcher, Tabita is part of collaboration projects on threat and violence within psychiatric care and on the quality of care within psychiatric care, based at UFC but involving several other counties.

Teaching and supervision

Tabita’s teaching focuses suicide, suicide risk assessment and suicide prevention and is included on medical and healthcare courses and study programmes in collaboration with Region Örebro County and Örebro University. Tabita also gives lectures on these topics for various collaboration partners such as local and regional council committees, social services, family support groups and patient associations.

She also supervises doctoral students and has served as doctoral student representative, doctoral student mentor, as well as supervisor of both students and research assistants. Tabita serves as referee for several psychiatric journals.



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