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Life situation and ward consumption before suicide, among citizens in Örebro county

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Tabita Sellin Jönsson

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The overal aim of this project is to study suicide in Örebro County over time, regarding health care consumption and life situation, and to analyze factors associated with suicide.

Issues we want to examine are:

1. What proportion of the deceased in suicide in Örebro county were patients in psychiatry, primary care or the somatic care the year(s) before suicide?

If so, what was the diagnosis and / or the cause of the ward contact?

2. What type of interventions did the deceased receive in health care the years before their death?

3. What did the socioeconomic conditions look like for the deceased year (s) before the death compared to control groups?

4. Can risk and protective factors for suicide be identified by comparative analyzes between suicide victims and different control groups?

Data is collected from The National Patient Register, the Cause of Death Register and Statistics Sweden. Other data is collected from Region Örebro County's Patient Administration System, including medical records.