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Victor Castro Alves

Title: Researcher School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303819

Room: B3118

Victor Castro Alves
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About Victor Castro Alves

Victor Castro-Alves is a researcher within Örebro University’s multidisciplinary Food and Health programme. 



At ÖRU our primary research focus is on increasing the nutritional value and sensory quality of vegetables and herbs by developing innovative and commercially sound strategies through modulation of the light environment in greenhouses. We are applying the cutting-edge concept of sensomics, which integrates metabolomics, the comprehensive analysis of all metabolites in a studied biological system, with highly innovative testing for culinary quality and plant production parameters in collaboration with national and international research groups as with commercial producers. We are also exploring how changes in the light environment during plant production impact the plant's synthesis of health-promoting compounds, and how these metabolites are biotransformed by the human gut microbiota using in vitro fermentation studies. Our approach aims not only the production of healthier and tastier foods but also to contribute to the basic understanding of the relationship between plant metabolism, taste and potential effects on human health. That will lead to practical applications that will benefit primary producers, retailers, and first and foremost, consumers.

I am also leading the project Unpuzzle - Unravelling molecular motifs of dietary fibers responsible for interaction with receptors in human cells, funded by the Swedish Research Council (starting grant #2021-04937).

For more information about published papers please refer to my ResearcherID and Google Scholar. You can also find me on ResearchGate.


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