X-TriMH - Cross-disease translational inflammation research platform: revisiting taxonomy to enhance precision medicine and health

An application has been submitted to the Vinnova call: Innovation milieus within the area of Precision Health 2021.

To further enhance X-HiDE, we introduce X-TriMH as an innovation milieu where knowledge from inflammatory models contributes to refinement of diagnostics and individualization of therapies.

Our ambition is to unravel commonalities and differences of immune mechanisms in acute and chronic inflammation, and across multiple immune-mediated diseases. This knowledge will next contribute to drug repurposing to effectively treat individual conditions across diseases.

X-TriMH comprises researchers and clinicians from multiple disciplines, Life-Science industry and academia linked to consortia and excellence centers, as well as infrastructure and biobanks with access to well-characterized cohorts. Sufferer insights and advocacy are acquired through patient research partnership.

Understanding inflammation through unique facets of the immune system in individual patients, and alterations during the disease course, with aging and in different life-style conditions, places X-TriMH at the heart of precision health.