Organization of the X-HiDE Research Profile

The infrastructure of the  X-HiDE research profile is in the form of a transdisciplinary matrix structure with the following four levels of leadership.

Steering Committee

The steering committee is the utmost responsible body of the profile with responsibility for the strategic direction, quality, and progression.
Participating business partners

Executive Committee

The executive committee execute the tasks set by the steering committee, and supervise the day-to-day operations of the profile.

Theme Groups

The theme groups represent the inflammatory phenotypes, with focus on curation, selection, and prioritization of current and new knowledge to be integrated in X-HiDE.

Work Package Groups

Each work package group will have a set of delimited tasks, and will investigate and execute the requirements raised by the theme groups and by the executive committee. The work packages are:

WP1: Experimental Inflammation Models
WP2: Modeling, Simulation and Bioinformatics
WP3: Clinical Implication
WP4: Valorization

 The image illustrates the information described on this page.

Organization structure group compositions of X-HiDE