X-HiDE has a strong educational perspective and will offer important knowledge, perspectives, and career opportunities for students at all levels. The outcomes of educational initiatives within X-HiDE will be achieved through both existing education programmes and new programmes outlined in the X-HiDE strategy.

The newly redesigned international Master’s programme in Experimental Medicine at the School of Medical Sciences at Örebro University has inflammation as the common focus. This programme highlights the progression of traditional inflammatory biology into areas important for research today, including translational medicine, systems biology, and personalized medicine.

Methodology applied and developed in X-HiDE, e.g. in collaboration with business partners, will be implemented in different master courses. For more information on the Master’s programme, please see link

Several of the X-HiDE business partners have a profound teaching experience and interest, and will provide education on state-of-the-art methodology and research approaches as well as offering places for exam work in the Master ́s programme. In a later stage, X-HiDE will contribute to education at graduate level by the establishment of a Graduate School focusing on inflammation.