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The X-HiDE vision

- a transformative initiative to explore inflammatory phenotypes across diseases, using a systems-analytical approach, inflammation will be described as specific core inflammatory phenotypes, with the aim to identify common and distinct characteristics of the inflammatory response across multiple diseases. These inflammatory phenotype models are to be applied in precision medicine to improve diagnostics and treatment, and to facilitate drug development.

To Build a Collaborative Research and Education Infrastructure for Sustainability and Synergistic Growth.

A central objective of X-HiDE is to create a collaborative research infrastructure. This will be achieved through three main strategies: 1) increasing knowledge transfer between existing research environments and research groups, 2) allying with new national and international academic expertise, and 3) integrating business partners with specific competence and interest of commercialization.

To Develop Technical Expertise within Biomedicine and Systems Biology.

Together with expertise from academic and business partners, X-HiDE will entail state-of-the-art systems biological modeling with a solid background in translational research of experimental biomedical and medical science - providing in-depth molecular insight into inflammatory processes.

To Establish Useful Knowledge Models Based on the Concept of Inflammatory Phenotypes.

X-HiDE contributes to the research frontier by defining general states of inflammation - independent of specific diseases, and where knowledge is constructed by qualitative and quantitative modeling. X-HiDE will strive towards a new definition of inflammation; as a set of phenotypes with unique and shared properties that applies to many common diseases. 

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X-HiDE will allow for continuous inclusions of new collaborators and projects through established dissemination and evaluation processes.