First X-HiDE publication accepted

A manuscript spearheaded by researchers in X-HiDE have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology.

X-HiDE researchers have studied how immunoparalyzed monocytes respond to threats and compared this to the responses of acute inflammatory monocytes. By using a number of approaches, the team was able to identify the pattern of released immune mediators that were unique for either phenotype of monocytes. These patterns were traced back to a number of associated transcription factors, which showed differential expression on mRNA and protein level between phenotypes. In particularly, the transcription factor PU.1 was shown to influence the production of CXCL5 and CCL8 in immunoparalyzed monocytes.

This study adds important knowledge on both the differences and similarities between two of the inflammatory phenotypes studied within X-HiDE. Further, the study suggests molecular pathways which could be targeted in clinical manifestations of immunoparalysis, such as sepsis, cancer and trauma and will help to guide further efforts in X-HiDE.

The published paper will be entitled “Cytokine responses to LPS in reprogrammed monocytes are associated with the transcription factor PU.1” and will be available online in Journal of Leukocyte Biology in March 2022.