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The research group's publications about multimodal communication


Helen Andersson

Andersson, H. & Eriksson, G. (2022). The masculinization of domestic cooking: a historical study of Swedish cookbooks for men. Norma.
Andersson, H. & Smith, A. (2021). Flags and fields: a comparative analysis of national identity in butter packaging in Sweden and the UK. Social Semiotics. 

Andersson, H. (2020). Nature, nationalism and neoliberalism on food packaging: The case of Sweden. Discourse, Context & Media, 34. 

Andersson, H. (2019). Recontextualizing Swedish nationalism for commercial purposes: a multimodal analysis of a milk marketing event. Critical Discourse Studies, 16 (5), 583-603.


Anders Björkvall

Björkvall, A. & Archer, A. (2022). Semiotics of destruction: Traces on the environment. Visual Communication, 21 (2), 218-236.

Björkvall, A. & Nyström Höög, C. (2021). Semiotic vagueness as a tool for goal fulfilment: ‘Platforms of values’ in Swedish public administration. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice, 16 (1), 5-28.

Björkvall, A. (2020). The Critical Analysis of Genre and Social Action. I: De Fina, Anna & Georgakopoulou, Alexandra, The Cambridge Handbook of Discourse Studies (ss. 601-621).Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Björkvall, A. & Archer, A. (2019). Material Sign-Making in Diverse Contexts: ‘Upcycled’ Artefacts as Refracting Global/Local Discourses. I: Ari Sherris & Elisabetta Adami, Making signs, translanguaging ethnographies: exploring urban, rural and educational spaces (ss. 45-63).Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Zhao, S. (ed.) , Djonov, E. (ed.) , Björkvall, A. (ed.) & Boeriis, M. (ed.) (2018). Advancing multimodal and critical discourse studies: Interdisciplinary research inspired by Theo van Leeuwen's social semiotics (1ed.). New York: Routledge (Routledge Studies in Multimodality 19).


Cansu Elmadagli

Elmadagli, C. & Machin, D. (2022). The gains and losses of identity politics: the case of a social media social justice movement called stylelikeU. Critical Discourse Studies.

Elmadagli, C. (2022). Challenging Normative Beauty Ideals by Undressing Online? Body Acceptance, Identity Politics and Construction of Non-normativity: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis. (Doctoral dissertation). (Sammanläggning) Örebro: Örebro University.


Göran Eriksson

Artiklar i tidskrifter (peer-review)

Andersson, H. & Eriksson, G. (2022). The masculinization of domestic cooking: a historical study of Swedish cookbooks for men. Norma.

Chen, A. & Eriksson, G. (2022). Connoting a neoliberal and entrepreneurial discourse of science through infographics and integrated design: the case of ‘functional’ healthy drinks. Critical Discourse Studies, 19 (3), 290-308.

Eriksson, G. (2022). Promoting extreme fitness regimes through the communicative affordances of reality makeover television: a multimodal critical discourse analysis. Critical Studies in Media Communication.

O’Hagan, L. A. & Eriksson, G. (2022). Modern science, moral mothers, and mythical nature: a multimodal analysis of cod liver oil marketing in Sweden, 1920–1930. Food and Foodways.

Eriksson, G. & O’Hagan, L. A. (2021). Selling "Healthy" Radium Products With Science: A Multimodal Analysis of Marketing in Sweden, 1910-1940. Science communication, 43 (6), 740-767.

Kenalemang-Palm, L. M. & Eriksson, G. (2021). The scientifization of “green” anti-ageing cosmetics in online marketing: a multimodal critical discourse analysis. Social Semiotics, 1-20.

Eriksson, G. & Machin, D. (2020). Discourses of 'Good food': The commercialization of healthy and ethical eating. Discourse, Context & Media, 33, 1-7.

Breazu, P. & Eriksson, G. (2020). Romaphobia in Romanian press: The lifting of work restrictions for Romanian migrants in the European Union. Discourse & Communication, 15 (2), 139-162.

Chen, A. & Eriksson, G. (2019). The making of healthy and moral snacks: A multimodal critical discourse analysis of corporate storytelling. Discourse, Context & Media, 32.

Chen, A. & Eriksson, G. (2019). The mythologization of protein: a Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of snacks packaging. Food, Culture, and Society: an international journal of multidisciplinary research, 22 (4), 423-445.

Kapitel i böcker

Eriksson, G. & Machin, D. (2019). Multimodal analys av audiovisuell kommunikation. I: Ekström, Mats och Johansson, Bengt, Metoder i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap (ss. 255-276). Lund: Studentlitteratur AB.


David Karlander

Karlander, D. 2021. The past is a future priority. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 267/278, 137–141.

Karlander, D. 2021. Cities of sociolinguistics. Social Semiotics 31(1), 177–193. 

Karlander, D. 2019. A semiotics of nonexistence? Erasure and erased writing under anti-graffiti regimes. Linguistic Landscapes 5(2), 198–216.

Karlander, D. 2018. Backjumps: Writing, watching, erasing train graffiti. Social Semiotics 28(1), 41–59. 

Karlander, D. 2018. Mobile semiosis and mutable metro spaces. In A. Peck, Q. Williams, C. Stroud (eds.). Making Sense of People and Place in Linguistic Landscapes (s. 71–87). London: Bloomsbury.


Åsa Kroon

Kroon, Å. (2021). “Moderate” gendering in Swedish gambling advertisements. Feminist Media Studies.

Kroon, Å. (2020). Converting gambling to philanthropy and acts of patriotism: The case of “The world's most Swedish gambling company”. Discourse, Context & Media, 34.

Kroon, Å. (2019). Recontextualizing racism and segregation by ways of "cozification" in a TV sports broadcast. Social Semiotics, 29 (1), 112-128.

Kroon, Å. (2017). More than a hashtag: Producers' and users' co-creation of a loving "we" in a second screen TV sports production. Television and New Media, 18 (7), 670-688.


Mats Landqvist

Bellander, T. & Landqvist, M. (2020). Becoming the expert constructing health knowledge in epistemic communities online. Information, Communication and Society, 23 (4), 507-522.

Landqvist, M. & Nikolaidou, Z. (2020). Drawing the Line between Sick and Healthy: Normality Constructions in Health Communication Contexts. Health Communication, 35 (12), 1545-1555.

Landqvist, M. (2019). Semiotic spaces in antidiscriminatory political discourse: Naming practices as indexes. Language in society (London. Print), 48 (5), 721-743.

Landqvist, M. & Karlsson, A. (2018). "Dom tar emot det, tar tag i det och sen så går man vidare": Semantiskt arbete för gemensamt kunskapsbyggande i konsultationer om medfödda hjärtfel hos foster. Språk och interaktion, 4, 145-171.

Karlsson, A. & Landqvist, M. (2018). Gränsöverskridande meningsskapande: Om relevansen hos begrepp som text och sakprosa för förståelsen av hälsokommunikation. Sakprosa, 10 (1), 1-31.


Jonathan Lilliedahl

Lilliedahl, J. (2022). Visually communicating exclusiveness: how specialist music secondary schools in England represent themselves on the web. Music Education Research, 24 (4), 430-441.

Lilliedahl, J. (2018). Building knowledge through arts integrationPedagogies: An International Journal, 13 (2), 133-145.

Lilliedahl, J. (2021). Specialised music programmes and the issue of social differential aesthetics: A multimodal discourse analysis.  Konferensbidrag vid 12th biennial International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education, June 21-24, 2021, (ISSME 2021)[Online].

Lilliedahl, J. (2021). The aesthetics of specialist music secondary schools in England: A multimodal discourse analysis.  Konferensbidrag vid The 12th International Conference for Research in Music Education,April 6–9 2021, hosted online by the Royal College of Music, London.

Lilliedahl, J. (2020). Social differential aesthetics: A multimodal discourse analysis of specialized music schools.  Konferensbidrag vid The 10th International Conference on Multimodality (10 ICOM), Valparaíso, Chile, November 11-13, 2020 (Conference cancelled).

Lilliedahl, J. (2020). The Multimodal Aesthetics of Specialized Music Schools.  Konferensbidrag vid NAfME National Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, November 4-8, 2020(Conference cancelled).


Patrik Lundell

Jarlbrink, J. , Lundell, P. & Snickars, P. (2023). From Big Bang to Big Data: A History of the Media. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Lundell, P. (2022). Medium. I: Jonas Hansson; Kristiina Savin, Svenska begreppshistorier: Från antropocen till åsiktskorridor (ss. 345-358). Stockholm: Fri tanke.

Maria, B. (ed.) , Lundell, P. (ed.) & Widmalm, S. (ed.) (2019). Intellectual Collaboration with the Third Reich: Treason or Reason?.. Routledge (Routledge Studies in Second World War History ).


Noah Roderick

Roderick, N. (2021). Form from form: The case for exaptation in rhetorical genre evolution. The Quarterly journal of speech, 107 (4), 398-417.


Assimakis Tseronis

Tseronis, A. (2021). From visual rhetoric to multimodal argumentation : exploring the rhetorical and argumentative relevance of multimodal figures on the covers of The Economist. Visual Communication, 20(3), 374–396. 

Tseronis, A. (2020). The prospects for multimodal schemes of argument: Assessing the spoofing strategies in subvertisements of the tobacco industry. In Catarina Dutilh Novaes, et al. (Eds.), Reason to Dissent: Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Argumentation, Volume I, I, 579–592. 

Tseronis, A. (2018a). Determining the commitments of image-makers in arguments with multimodal allusions in the front covers of the Economist: Insights from Relevance Theory. International Review of Pragmatics, 10(2), 243–269.

Tseronis, A. (2018b). Multimodal argumentation: Beyond the verbal/visual divide. Semiotica, 2018(220), 41–67. 

Tseronis, A., & Pollaroli, C. (Eds.). (2018). Special Issue: Pragmatic insights for multimodal argumentation. International Review of Pragmatics, 10(2).

Tseronis, A. (2018c). The Explicit/Implicit Distinction in Multimodal Argumentation: Comparing the Argumentative Use of Nano-Images in Scientific Journals and Science Magazines. In Steve Oswald & Didier Maillat (Eds.), Argumentation and Inference: Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation, Fribourg 2017 Volume II, 821–842. 

Tseronis, A. (2017). Analysing multimodal argumentation within the pragma-dialectical framework: Strategic manoeuvring in the front covers of The Economist. In Frans van Eemeren & Wu Peng (Eds.), Contextualizing Pragma-Dialectics (pp. 335–359). 

Tseronis, A., & Forceville, C. (2017a). Arguing Against Corporate Claims Visually and Multimodally: The Genre of Subvertisements. Multimodal Communication, 6(2), 143–157.

Tseronis, A., & Forceville, C. (Eds.). (2017b). Multimodal Argumentation and Rhetoric in Media Genres.

Tseronis, A., & Forceville, C. (2017c). The argumentative relevance of visual and multimodal antithesis in Frederick Wiseman’s documentaries. In Charles Forceville & Assimakis Tseronis (Eds.), Multimodal Argumentation and Rhetoric in Media Genres  (pp. 166–188).


Gustav Westberg

Archer, A. & Westberg, G. (2022). Establishing authenticity and commodifying difference: a social semiotic analysis of Sámi jeans. Visual Communication, 21 (2), 195-217.

Westberg, G. (2021). Affect as a multimodal practice. Multimodality & Society, 1 (1), 20-38.

Westberg, G. (2021). Desiring the indigenous: affective commodification of the Sámi. Social Semiotics, 1-18.

Björkvall, A. & Westberg, G. (2021). Shame and Pride in the Delegitimization and Relegitimization of Air Travel. Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD), 13 (2), 63-83.

Westberg, G. (2020). Corona, vaghet och skam: Om myndighetskommunikation och affekt på sociala medier. Språk och stil, 30, 5-31.

Björkvall, A. , Van Meerbergen, S. & Westberg, G. (2020). Feeling safe while being surveilled: The spatial semiotics of affect at international airports. Social Semiotics, 1-23.

Westberg, G. & Årman, H. (2019). Common sense as extremism: the multi-semiotics of contemporary national socialism. Critical Discourse Studies, 16 (5), 549-568.

Ledin, P. , Nyström Höög, C. , Tønnesson, J. & Westberg, G. (2019). Den multimodala sakprosan: The Multi-modal Non-fiction (’sakprosa’). Sakprosa, 11 (4), 1-50.

Westberg, G. (2019). Klädsam autenticitet: Om det äkta som resurs och vara. Sakprosa, 11 (7), 1-34.

Westberg, G. (2020). All makt åt folket! Om populism som affektiv stil. I: Saara Haapamäki, Ludvig Forsman och Linda Huldén,  Svenskans beskrivning 37 Förhandlingar vid trettiosjunde sammankomsten Åbo 8–10 maj 2019. Konferensbidrag vid Svenskans beskrivning 37, Åbo, Finland, 8-10 maj, 2019 (ss. 345-358). Åbo: Åbo Akademi.


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