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Research environments

Research environments at Örebro University are defined as a number of research groups (minimum of two) that are active within one or several adjacent research areas, and which together make up a unified theme or a cohesive organisation.

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Research environments in business, science and engineering

Research is conducted in artificial intelligence and autonomous systems; the environment and sustainable development; life sciences; information systems; economics; and statistical method development in survey methodology and econometrics.

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Research environments in the humanities and social sciences

Research in the humanities and social sciences concerns human behaviour, communication medium and organisation over time and space. Our research provides national and international contributions of relevance to society.

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Research in medicine and health

Research focuses on common medical conditions and moves across the field from a basic understanding of pathological mechanisms to patient-centred to enable the development of healthcare.

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Research environments in teacher education

Research at Örebro University is conducted relevant to school and teacher education in a variety of subjects. Educational science research includes both didactic research and critical educational research.