Silvia Barona Vilar

Silvia Barona Vilar, Professor at University of Valencia, is an internationally recognised scholar in the fields of civil and criminal procedure, and in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Her substantial and broad scientific production has had important national and international impact in the areas of legal doctrine, caselaw and legislation. Her research is characterised by its pioneering nature and Silvia Barona Vilar is considered to be the first legal scholar in Spain who has dealt with ADR on a systematic and scientific basis. As an indisputable leader in ADR she brings front-line researchers from different continents together in her research group of excellence. Its goal is to enhance relationships with ADR institutions and universities in Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America with the intention of studying its regulation and final implementation globally.

Silvia Barona Vilar acts as the President of the Court of Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia and she has an impressive resume of leading positions. For her excellence in academic leadership, Silvia Barona Vilar has received numerous awards, honours and scholarships, including the Gran Cruz de San Raimundo de Peñafort awarded by the King of Spain in 2011. Silvia Barona Vilar has maintained a long-lasting relationship with Örebro University. This fruitful collaboration has led to co-authored publications, joint research projects, periodic appointments as a visiting professor, exchange in the review of doctoral theses, and participation in several conferences. This appointment will facilitate enhanced collaboration in the future.