Defining and redefining the rule of law

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Rule of Law Anthology: Theme 1

5 MAY 2023 at 10.00–12.00


Theme 1

Defining and redefining the rule of law addresses the notion of ‘rule of law itself’ how it is defined from the perspective of different jurisdictions and legal orders, be it in thick or thin versions. Questions that may be addressed in this theme include the discussions of whether or not a re-definition of notion ‘rule of law’ is needed, with regard to the current changes and challenges that are taking place in society. This includes un-democratic and even authoritarian trends and a rather vast flow of information, containing a mix of reliable facts as well as disinformation or outright propaganda. Taxpayers’ rights in relation to the rule of law may also feature in this theme, as well as issues concerning the rule of law at the international level.

Presenters and titles of presentations:

Eleonor Kristoffersson, Professor, Örebro University, Sweden
The principle of legality in taxation and the rule of law

Julinda Beqiraj, Maurice Wohl Senior Fellow in European Law, British Institute for International and Comparative Law (BIICL), UK
ROL in times of global transformations: from conceptualisation to operationalization

Petter Danckwardt, PhD Candidate, Örebro University, Sweden
A global rule of law?

Marco Evola, Associate Professor, Lumsa University, Italy
The ROL in the external action of the European Union between export of values and support for international legality

Senem Eken, Lecturer, Örebro University, Sweden
EU law and the judicial order in the EU

Yurii Orzikh, Senior Lecturer, Örebro University, Sweden
The rivalry of legal principles and the ROL during the war in Ukraine