Mobile Robotics and Olfaction lab - films and documentation

DARKO project presentation

DARKO sets out to realize a new generation of agile production robots that have energy-efficient elastic actuators to execute highly dynamic motions. 

ILIAD at Automatica fair

University of Chemnitz student Tim Schreiter had the opportunity to work on human-robot interaction research within the Mobile Robotic and Olfaction laboratory at Örebro University. The research forms part of the international Iliad research project. The goal of this project is to develop self-improving and self-installing robots that can safely work alongside human workers and interact with them.


ILIAD is an EU-funded project working with the application of warehouse intra-logistics. The project is interested in finding ways to automate fleets of robots without having to modify the environment of the warehouse. This is a project presentation from the Milestone 2 event in September 2018.

Robot Spencer

KLM passengers tested Spencer the Robot at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a robot that helps KLM transfer passengers at Schiphol.

Smoke Bot

SmokeBot was an EU-funded research project that aimed at creating robots for disaster sites with low visibility.

For more information about SmokeBot visit:​

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Created by: Lukas Silberbauer (taurob GmbH)