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CHAMP - Research

Research in CHAMP focuses on how psychological processes interact with biological and social processes in the development of health, ill-health, and disease. The starting point for our research is to identify shared, or transdiagnostic, mechanisms that explain comorbidity between different physical and mental health issues. We are involved in both experimental research in laboratory settings and applied research in both clinical and non-clinical settings (e.g., schools and work sectors).

The overall aim of our research and translational science is to develop theory- and process-driven treatments and preventive measures. This is principally achieved by:

I. testing theories about the psychological mechanisms that underpin health conditions in both basic experimental and naturalistic longitudinal research designs;

II. translating the knowledge generated by our research into treatments and preventive measures that are tested in process and outcome research in clinical trials; and

III. increasing the availability of evidence-based treatments through implementation research, and by using digital tools and information technology (e.g., the internet) to deliver psychological interventions.

The research conducted in CHAMP focuses on multiple aspects of health, ill-health, and disease. You will find more information about some of our specific research areas below.