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Effect of multimodal rehabilitation for patients with chronic pain problems

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Katja Boersma

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We know that multimodal rehabilitation, in general, has good effects for patients with chronic pain problems. However, we also know that the results in many cases are far from optimal, and that a significant proportion of patients do not get better. This project is a collaboration with the Unit for Psychosomatic Medicine in Västerås (Dr. M. Svanberg and Dr. M. Rothman) and the research group of the National Pain rehabilitation registry (NRS). The project aims to examine the factors that might be related to the effect of multimodal pain rehabilitation. 

The project consists of several sub-projects:

Subproject 1. Examination of the process of change in the multimodal assessment phase using single-case experimental design (completed).

Subproject 2. Investigation of the effect of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) for patients with residual emotional problems after completion of pain rehabilitation (completed).

Subproject 3. Examination of the prevalence of subgroups with varying treatment effects after multimodal pain rehabilitation (in collaboration with the research group within NRS) (completed).

Subproject 4. Examining riskfactors for long term opioid use (in collaboration with prof. Britt-Marie Stålnacke, Umeå University and Dr. Patrick Quinn, Indiana University) (completed)

The project is led by Professor Katja Boersma in collaboration with Dr. Mikael Svanberg, Department of Psychosomatic Medicine (EPM), Västmanland County Council and doctoral student at the school of health sciences, Örebro University.

The project is done in collaboration with the research group of the National Register of Pain Rehabilitation, NRS


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Svanberg, M., Stålnacke, B. M., Quinn, P. D., & Boersma, K. (2021). Opioid Prescriptions in Chronic Pain Rehabilitation. A Prospective Study on the Prevalence and Association between Individual Patient Characteristics and Opioids. Journal of clinical medicine10(10), 2130.


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  • Örebro University