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LAWGEM is an Erasmus Plus project and the overall objective is to contribute to socially inclusive higher education and to improve the quality of legal education across Europe and elsewhere.

The work is organized within five intellectual outputs. Intellectual Output 1 will result in a fully innovative systemic curriculum of master legal studies, which will encompass all relevant fields of legal education and legal practice, as well as non-legal relevant fields such as the economic analysis of law, criminology, and social-psychological fields of research and knowledge. Intellectual Output 2-5 will result in a textbook and learning materials relevant for the Law and Gender master programme, a legal clinic and an on-line platform for life-long learning.

The work with developing the syllabus and model for a legal clinic is led by Örebro university.

Upcoming activities:
The conference GENDER (IN)EQUALITY OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES will be held on September 20th, from 9:00 to 16:15, at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law in hybrid form (both onsite and online). It will be held in Serbian and English, translation into both languages, as well as the Serbian sign language, will be provided. The Agenda contains the link for remote access to the conference, as well as a link for the Call for Papers for the edited book about disabilities and gender inequality issues, to be published in 2022. Conference and the publication will represent an added value for the LAWGEM project,


Recent activities:
2021.05.17 Symposium Gender Parity (pdf)

Report from LAWGEM Multiplier Event No 1 (pdf)

For more information about the project, please visit the LAWGEM website.

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