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New ongoing data collection within the IDA Program

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Participants who have been part of the IDA program (Individual Development and Adaptation) since 1965 are again involved in a new and ongoing survey.

In the mid-1960s, one of the Nordic region's largest and ambitious research projects, the IDA program, began. The project was aimed at parents and schools whose children or students attended primary schools within Örebro's school district. The overall aim of the IDA program is to better understand individual development and adaptation over time. This includes positive and negative development and adaptation in several aspects of life, such as social relationships, physical and mental health, working life, subjective well-being and more. Most of them are 65 and older and are still contributing to the IDA Program by participating in the most recent and ongoing survey. As a result of the participant's high commitment to the IDA program enormous information has been collected over the past decades, which has resulted in a range of publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations.

The IDA program has been managed by among others Professor David Magnusson and Professor Lars R. Bergman, currently, Professor Jonas Persson is responsible for the IDA program.

You can read more about IDA Program here, and contact Jonas Persson at the following email address: