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LiM - Logic in Manufacturing

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Magnus Löfstrand

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The LiM project combines multivalent logic and numerics in an enriched language to be used in the manufacturing industry in terms of information structures and representation. Multivalence involves non-commutative quantales allowing to consider ´what comes first, what after´ regarding e.g. the content of fault trees. Quantales also allow to see how ´function´ is a so-called tensor of ´faults´.

LiM enables improved data collection, monitoring and analysis of data. All data is typed and can thus be included in typed/classified expressions. The terms are also multivalent, enabling decision also in the presence of uncertain data. For Modelling Languages and Notation, like in UML, SysML and BPMN, lative logic is the most suitable logical framework for embracing typing as many-valuedness.

LiM´s approach to modelling and analytics can be scaled up within and across domains of industries.

LiM´s research approach has been iterative and interdisciplinary. Case studies have been conducted with LiM´s partners, and also with regard to a broad approach concerning the applicability in multiple industrial areas. The information model is logically and ontologically well founded. The BPMN based process model describes industrial area ecosystems, where the information model is integrated in BPMN´s (Business Process Modelling Notation) data elements. LiM has also developed an AIDA (Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action) based upscale model.