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Predictive Maintenance for Service Business Models and Extended Product Life

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Magnus Löfstrand

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The project focuses on economic and environmental sustainability and increased industrial competitiveness. It aims firstly to investigate the prerequisites for service business models and modelling to be adopted in real business situations. Secondly it aims to identify adaption needs an adapt aspects of a Örebro University predictive maintenance and availability modelling system, as well as systems by LKAB, Atlas Copco, Alkit & Mobilaris,  to support the use of the service business models, substantially decreasing the business risk for the supplier.

In the first part of the project, the most important conditions for implementing service-based business models  will be identified (exemplified between LKAB and Atlas Copco) and supported by other project partners.

In the second part, through further development of previous research, literature studies, and interviews with industry representatives, the project will investigate how to make partner's various existing technologies function together, to support the development of service-based business offers and reduce risk.The technologies will also be further developed.

The project will identify main requirements for adoption of service business models and the demands on maintenance systems to ensure high availability and resource efficient production.

The project will also identify requirements for the combination of technologies for system availability modelling, updated using data analytics, applied on Atlas Copco drill rigs, and real-time tracking of assets within the LKAB mining production process, to support service business models.

The results will support future continued research, additional applicable results and publications.


Research funding bodies

  • Produktion2030
  • Vinnova