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Production Centred Maintenance (PCM) for real time predictive maintenance decision support to maximise production efficiency

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Magnus Löfstrand

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The PCM project is co-produced by the project coordinator Örebro University, Mechanical Engineering (ORU) in close collaboration with business partners Atlas Copco AB (ATCO), LKAB (LKAB), Alkit Communications AB (Alkit) and Mobilaris AB (MAAB) The PCM project application aims to demonstrate interfacing the competences from ORU, Alkit, and MAAB, in an ATCO application used in the LKAB production process. The industrial use case production process, an ATCO developed fleet of drill rigs, is part of one of LKAB’s two identical iron ore pellets production lines in Malmberget, Sweden.

The PCM project will demonstrate a radical innovation technology in a real industrial setting with ATCO and LKAB, enabling the follow up on maintenance and system availability by predictive maintenance. The methods and technology demonstrated can be used on all hierarchical levels in a production company, on operator level as well as on management’s levels. Wholly new academic results regarding production process availability modelling interfaced with reliability and maintainability sensor data will be presented.

Research funding bodies

  • The Knowledge Foundation