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In situ fibrillation of nanocellulose for cost efficient, and high performing lightweight composites

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In progress 2021 - 2022


Nader Asnafi

Research subject

Through a previous project within bioinnovation, FineCell has observed the possibility to fibrillate the company's microcellulose powder to nanocellulose in situ when processing it together with thermoplastics. The current project proposal aims to investigate this fibrillation and identify processes and parameters that favor this fibrillation and create a composite reinforced with nanocellulose. By reinforcing the thermoplastics with nanocellulose, it is possible to drastically increase the mechanical properties of the material, which enables lightweight composites, and in cases where recycled plastics or bioplastics are used, it is possible to make them competitive with conventional fossil plastics. Making composites using nanocellulose is difficult, mainly because nanocellulose is manufactured as water-based gels. By using FineCell's dry microcellulose powder instead, it becomes possible to efficiently manufacture composites with superior mechanical properties, without having to handle components containing large amounts of water.

The project includes FineCell, as a technology and materials supplier, and RISE SICOMP and Örebro University as development partners. The application area referred to in the project is the automotive industry, where the ecological footprint, with the help of the proposed project, can be reduced both in the manufacturing, use, and final phases of vehicles.


Research funding bodies

  • Vinnova