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Prepaid and discounted article processing charges

Many of the University Library's publisher agreements include open access publication funding in whole or in part.

Only you, the corresponding author, may publish open access through a publishing agreement. Being a co-author is not enough, except for under the MDPI agreement – see the heading below.

Furthermore, you must be employed at or affiliated to Örebro University. You may for instance have an affiliation agreement with the university. Visiting professors, externally funded doctoral students and students can also publish through these agreements.

Please use your institutional email address at Örebro University ( when submitting an article for publication through any of the agreements. This facilitates the process for all parties involved, as publishers use the email domain as a primary parameter to associate the corresponding author with the correct organization and agreement.

In all cases, your affiliation to Örebro University is to be indicated in the article.

When the publisher notifies the library that an article has been accepted in a journal included in an agreement, the author’s affiliation to Örebro University is verified. Verification is confirmed against staff records and the university’s affiliate list.

If you are affiliated with another higher education institution (HEI) which is covered by the same national agreement, it is recommended that publication is settled with the HEI where the principal research has been conducted and on which the article is based.

Agreements where the article processing charge is covered in full

Agreements with discounts

When publishing under a discounted agreement, the author or school will be invoiced. The library may however be able to provide financial support for open access publications.

With the SciFree Journal Search Tool, you can easily check if a journal is included in any of the University Library’s publisher agreements.

Most of the journals found in SciFree are included in prepaid agreements. These agreements are entered on behalf of Swedish universities, university colleges, government agencies and research institutes, by the Bibsam Consortium. All costs for open access publishing are settled through to library agreements.

In SciFree search results, journals with a prepaid agreement have a grey icon with the text "This is paid in full by the Library". Journals with a discount agreement have a yellow icon with the text "There is a discount on the open access charge".

If a journal is not included in the SciFree search results, you may apply for financial support for open access publication charges through the University Library's fund. You may also apply for financial support for publishing your article when only a discounted agreement exists.

Journals in the prepaid and discounted agreements may be full open access journals or hybrid journals.

Fully open access journals

In full open access journals, all articles are free to read. Full open access journals may also be referred to as "gold open access" or "pure open access".

Hybrid journals

In a hybrid journal, a subscription is typically required to read articles, but the author has the option to publish individual articles with open access by paying an APC (article processing charge).

Some agreements have no limit on how many articles that may be published. Other agreements have an annual prepaid reserve that meets publishing costs for the participating universities. When that amount is depleted, further open access publishing of articles via the agreement may no longer be possible.

Agreements with unlimited publishing:

Agreements with a limited publishing reserve:

If the national publishing reserve is depleted, BIBSAM and participating institutions work to raise additional funds to cover the costs. However, coverage of publishing costs through these agreements cannot be guaranteed in advance. If you have questions, contact This is an email address.

Types of publications

In some cases, only certain types of articles may be published through to open access agreements, such as primary research and review articles. Review each specific agreement for details.