Recently finalised research projects

Becoming an expert. IPCC’s and IPBES’s socialization of young scholars as experts (2017-2020). This project explored the production of expertise in expert organizations by focusing on the roles of young scholars in IPCC and IPBES. One year of the project was conducted at Wageningen UR, the Netherlands. The project was funded by The Swedish Research Council Formas and was led by Karin Gustafsson.
Individualization of environmental responsibility (2015-2019). The project investigates political and public communication on and individual responses to climate change, biodiversity loss and other environmental issues. The project is faculty-funded and led by Ylva Uggla.
Environmental representation (2015-2018). The project concerns both those who in various ways represent (“acting for”) the environment and how various images, graphs and symbols represent (“standing for”) the environment and/or environmental problems. The aim of the project is to explore how and with what implications environmental representatives establish what to say and do when acting for the environment. The project is faculty-funded and led by Magnus Boström and Ylva Uggla. 
Chemicals in textiles: Managing environmental and health risks from products with complex product chains (2009-17). (project leader) Magnus Boström
Risk governance, legitimacy and social learning in the handling of the forest fire in Västmanland (2015-18), funded by The Swedish Research Council Formas (project leader Rolf Lidskog).
Framing and visualization of biodiversity in EU policy (2017), funded by The Seed Box: a Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory, Linköping University (project leader Ylva Uggla).
Science role in international environmental governance (2014-17), funded by The Swedish Research Council (project leader Rolf Lidskog).
Forest governance in the face of uncertainty: Regulation, decision making and learning in natural resource management (2013-17). The project was part of the national research programme Future Forests which was funded by Mistra, the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden and organizations from the Swedish forest sector (project leader Rolf Lidskog)
Green governmentality, responsibilization and the role of international ENGOs (2015-2016), funded by The Swedish Research Council (project leader Håkan Thörn, Gothenburg University. Participant ORU, Ylva Uggla).
Scientific ambiguity and its consequences (2014), funded by David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA (project leader Anurag Agrawal, Bruce Lewenstein, Steven Wolf, Cornell University, participant Karin Gustafsson as postdoctoral associate at Cornell University).
The sustainable city – what is it and for whom?  (2011-2014). Ylva Uggla.
Biodiversity management in forestry (2014). The project was part of the programme Future Forest, (Project leader Stig Larsson, SLU, participant ORU Ylva Uggla.
Expertise, democracy and environmental regulation A Comparative Study financed by the Swedish Research Council Formas, 2008-12 (project leader Rolf Lidskog)
Processionary moth governance. When, why and how should society intervene in natural biological systems? financed by the Swedish Research Council Formas, 2006-11 (project leader Stig Larsson and Rolf Lidskog)
Individualized environmental responsibility. Faculty funding, 2010-2012 (Ylva Uggla and Linda Soneryd, Gothenburg University).
Risk, food and motherhood in Sweden and Poland (PhD-project 2008-14, Erik Löfmarck)
The Importance of Trust. A study of knowledge production of biodiversity, (PhD-project, 2009-13, Karin Gustafsson)
An Animal Without an Animal Within: The Powers of Pet Keeping (PhD-project, 2009-13, David Redmalm).
From the sea to the land beyond. Exploring plural perspectives on whaling (PhD-project, 2012-17, Benedict Singleton).