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Örebro University School of Business

Business administration

Research seminars in business administration, Fall 2021

Date Time Place Content
2021-09-10 13:00-15:00  Zoom

Presentation by Virginia Rosales (affiliated research fellow) HEC Montréal

2021-09-24 13:00-15:00  Zoom

Final seminar Malin Härström 

"Understanding management accounting when institutions matter"

Discussant: Sven Siverbo

2021-09-30 13:15 Zoom

Disputation Sara Shahin Moghadam

"Modelling the Structural Dynamics of Business Networks: Two Agent-based Models of Supply Networks"

Opponent: Davide Secchi, Syddansk universitet, Danmark

2021-10-08 13:00-15:00 Zoom

Hervé Corvellec (Lund University) and Alison Stowell (University of Lancaster)

Critique of the Circular Economy

2021-10-22 13:00-15:00  TBA


2021-11-19 13.00-15.00 Zoom

Jari Huikku (Aalto University, Janne Järvinen, Oulu University, and Kristiina Henttu-Aho, University of Turku.

Discussants: Hans Englund and Jonas Gerdin

2021-12-03 13:00-15:00 TBA


2021-12-10 13:15 Hörsal F

Disputation Raymond Ndikumana

"Enabling Perceptions of Management Controls. Evidence from International Development Programs"

Opponent: Lili-Anne Kihn, Tampere University, Finland

2021-12-17 13:00-15:00 Zoom

Virginia Rosales-Orquera and Maira Babri

“Organizational Ethnography During a Pandemic: Exploring the Mutually Constitutive Relationship between Researcher and Research through a Baradian lens”

Discussant: Hans Hasselbladh