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Research seminars in business administration, Fall 2017

2017-09-18 13.00-15.00 N3053 TP-seminarium Andrea Geissinger
Diskutanter: Tobias Johansson och Cecilia Ekström
2017-09-22 13.00-15.00 N3053

 Slutseminarium Karin Seger

"Institutional logics in accounting firms - Accounting professionals and their relationships to small limited companies during a process of change"

Opponent: Anna-Karin Stockenstrand, Uppsala universitet

 2017-10-13 13.00-15.00 N3053 

TP-seminar Leanne Johnstone

"The Social Aspects Enabling Environmental Management Accounting & Control"

Discussant: Sabina de Rietz

2017-10-20 13.00-15.00 N3053

Heli Aramo-Immonen

"The knowledge management in social media era - my research and more..."

2017-11-03 13.00-15.00 N3053

Per Carlborg

”Shaping markets – theoretical and practical implications”

2017-11-17 13.00-15.00 N3053

Sarah Shahin Moghadam


Diskutant: Debbie Harrison, BI

2017-12-15 13.00-15.00 N3053

Sabina Du Rietz

"Representation and control of corporate sustainability, a research agenda"

Diskutant: Magnus Frostenson

Research seminars in business administration, Spring 2018

2018-01-12 13.00-15.00 N3053  
2018-01-26 13.00-15.00 N3053

Magnus Frostenson, Sven Helin, Katarina Arbin

An understanding of sustainability control in terms of locus of responsibility and mandate to influence

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2018-02-09 13.00-15.00 N3053

 Leanne Johnstone

"Enabling social control in (environmental) management accounting"

Discussant: Gabriella Wennblom

2018-02-16 13.00-15.00 N3053

Magnus Frostenson, Sven Helin, Katarina Arbin

An understanding of sustainability control in terms of locus of responsibility and mandate to influence

2018-02-23 13.00-15.00 N3053


2018-03-01 13.00-15.00 N3053

Cecilia Ekström


Enabling and Coercive Control: Coexistence in a Banking Context

Opponent: Mikael Säcer, Handelshögskolan Göteborg

2018-03-09 13.00-15.00 N3053  
2018-03-13 13.00-15.00 N3053

Dermot Breslin - "Premonition: The Predictive Modelling of Behavioral Changes in Communities"

In this talk, Dermot Breslin (University of Sheffield, UK) will discuss the Premonition story from theoretical research to organizational application. Drawing on conceptual work in which community change is viewed as a system of coevolving agents, an agent-based computer model has been created for the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (SYFR) to simulate and predict change within the Sheffield city region. SYFR are currently using the model to plan intervention strategies aimed at reducing incidents of fire. Dermot will discuss the theory behind the model, and demonstrate the application of the model for local government agencies.

2018-03-14 13.00-15.00 N3053

Dermot Breslin and Johan Kask - "Discussing Co-Evolutionary Research in Management Studies"


In this seminar, Dermot Breslin (University of Sheffield) and John Kask (Örebro University) will outline the inception and subsequent diffusion of co-evolutionary research in management studies, with a specific focus on a number of co-evolutionary accounts in the new Millennium. Drawing on an extensive review of literature, key questions are addressed including; What is co-evolving? What parties and causal relationships are involved? And what processes? The analysis reveals substantive paucity in explicating what processes most vividly underpin co-evolution in management research.

2018-03-15 10.00-12.00 N3053

Dermot Breslin - "How to publish a literature review in a leading management journal"

In this session, Dermot Breslin, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR), will offer advice on how to publish a literature review in IJMR. IJMR is the leading global review journal in business and management, with an impact factor of 5.578, and with 57% of paper downloads being within Europe. Dermot will discuss the publication criteria, the peer review process, common mistakes made and how authors can enhance their conceptual contribution. 

2018-03-23 13.00-15.00 N3053


2018-04-06 13.00-15.00 N3053  
2018-04-20 13.00-15.00 N3053

Jonas Gerdin and Hans Englund

Socio-ideological and technocratic dyads of control: An alternative approach to conceptualizing management control interdependencies

Discussant: Jan Greve

2018-05-04 13.00-15.00 N3053  
2018-05-18 13.00-15.00 N3053  
2018-06-01 13.00-15.00 N3053  
2018-06-13 13.00-15.00 N3053

Simon Lundh


Diskutant Thomas Carrington, Stockholms universitet