Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science

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Selected refereed papers from the 2016 1st Granqvist Culinary Arts and Meal Science Symposiumwill be published in a special issue of the Journal of Culinary Science and Technology (JCST). Oral and poster presenters at the conference are invited to submit full manuscripts for consideration for inclusion in the special issue. All manuscripts will be subject to the normal process of peer review. Please note that acceptance of an abstract in the symposium programme does not imply acceptance of an accompanying paper for publication in the JCST special issue. Manuscripts should preferably be submitted by the date of the Conference, but at the latest by 1 May 2016.

Journal of Culinary Science & Technology

The Journal of Culinary Science & Technology aims to communicate the vital issues, latest developments, and thinking on the science and technology behind meal planning, preparation, processing, and service for a global consuming public. These issues relate to food management in a variety of settings that include culinary-related operations, food production, food product development, restaurant management and other foodservice ventures.

It is the Journal's intention to encourage an interchange among culinary professionals, food scientists and technologists, research chefs, foodservice managers, educators and researchers.

Contributors are encouraged to identify the practical implications of their work for food operations, promoting and evaluating food knowledge, the science of alcohol, examining changing trends and attitudes, healthy eating lifestyles, innovation management, and enhancing and developing practical culinary skills.