Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science

Keynote speakers

Hospitality, meal experience and aesthetic design
Keynote: Robert Harrington, PhD, professor, Washington State University, USA
Topic: The Art and Science of Hospitality

The meal in the community room
Keynote: Johanna Mäkelä, PhD, professor, Helsinki University, Finland
Topic: Meals- The role of sharing

Gastronomy, commensality, heritage and future
Keynote: Claude Fischler, director, Centre Edgar Morin, CNRS, France
Topic: To be announced

The healthy, safe and sustainable meal
Keynote: Mai-Lis Hellenius, MD, PhD, professor, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
Topic: Strong trends control our eating – but what does the research say about the food and health? A perspective on healthy, safe and sustainable meals