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Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science

Chef - Culinary Arts and Meal Science, 180 higher education credits

If you have a great interest in cooking and meals then the industry-oriented study programme Chef – Culinary Arts and Meal Science is for you.

In this study programme the guest’s experience of the meal is central. The training is basically theoretical but is combined with practical modules to enhance your professional skills, creativity and capacity for innovation. The focus is on the room, the encounter, the product, the atmosphere and the management system. The understanding of the meal experience requires in-depth knowledge, particularly product knowledge, knowledge of nutritional science, food hygiene, food chemistry, sensory evaluations, creativity, and applied aesthetics, menu planning and business economics. Several of the industry’s best chefs lecture and teach on a regular basis on the programme. The programme includes international internships carried out in collaboration with several of the world’s leading industry representatives who produce or handle different types of food.

The aim of the study programme is to give you the tools and skills necessary for working as a modern chef in the international restaurant business. It is also possible to continue to study business economics at a higher level and go on to doctoral studies.


Bachelor’s Degree


If you want to work in skilled and managerial positions within the restaurant business, this is the programme for you. Possible occupations are for example cook, chef, restaurant manager, food & beverage manager, developer of your own small-scale products, product developer in the food industry, self-employed or event coordinator.

This programme is given in Swedish only.