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International student graduation: “Studying in Örebro has been fantastic!”

Many students on campus.

About fifty students that graduated from the international master’s programme at Örebro University were honoured during a ceremony.

“A fantastic time among amazing people in a wonderful city.” Strong words and enthusiastic emotions flowed when this year’s international master’s students graduated from Örebro University.
“I’m so pleased – and very proud,” says Myrto Stavroula Chatzopoulou from Greece, who has studied the Master’s Programme in Experimental Medicine and is now hoping for a research career in Sweden.

Fifty students graduated from the international master’s programme at Örebro University and were honoured during a ceremony last Friday. The celebration included classical Swedish summer music performed by students from the School of Music, speeches, handing out rose bouquets, congratulatory certificates, and a farewell bag with memorabilia from the university. In addition to Sweden, the master’s students come from Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Malawi, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, and Ukraine. Many also had family members attending the celebration.

Balloons and glasses.

Drinks and snacks were served at the ceremony.

Warm reception in Örebro

Myrto Stavroula Chatzopoulou from Greece belongs to the first group to graduate from the newly restarted Master’s Programme in Experimental Medicine. She says it was a special time to start her studies in the middle of the pandemic but that she received a warm reception in Örebro.

 “The International Office had arranged a friendly introductory programme. There’s a network of international master’s students from the year before who were our student buddies and helped us adjust to the university and Swedish life. So, I made some good friends right from the start,” she explains.

Myrto Stavroula Chatzopoulou

Myrto Stavroula Chatzopoulou describes Örebro as the perfect student city.

Myrto Stavroula Chatzopoulou describes Örebro as the perfect student city, just big enough to bike everywhere and with beautiful parks, forests, and sights just around the corner.

“One of my favourite spots is Wadköping, an open-air museum where you can stroll around small, red, typical Swedish houses next to the river and feel like you’re back in the 1700s.”

“Studying in Örebro is one of my best decisions ever”

She is delighted with her studies in Örebro.

“Studying the Master’s Programme in Experimental Medicine is one of my best decisions ever. It’s a training programme for researchers and designed by researchers. It’s very much centred on problem-based learning (PBL) sessions that expand your knowledge and critical thinking. I’ve also had the chance to gather experience in the lab while working on the thesis – and improving both my technical and writing skills,” says Myrto Stavroula Chatzopoulou.

Master's Programme in Experimental Medicine

The Master's Programme in Experimental Medicine.

She is currently waiting for a decision on whether she will be admitted to the doctoral programme at Örebro University.

“It had been a wonderful experience studying here in Örebro, so of course, I’m considering the opportunity to stay here,” she says.

“Met some amazing people from all over the world”

Fabian Schneider from Germany has graduated from the Master’s Programme in Strategic Communication. He tells us about his mixed feelings. On the one hand, he is happy to have reached his goal while at the same time feeling melancholic that an intense and very special period of life has come to its end.

“I’ve met some amazing people from all over the world and appreciate how we supported one other the entire time. Some have become very close friends, and although it’s natural, it’s still difficult that we’re splitting up, not knowing when we’ll see each other again. So I’d like to thank all my teachers and classmates from the international programmes for this special time. It’s great that we’re all here together to celebrate this day. When we look back in a few years, I’m pretty sure we’ll always remember our time here in Örebro.,” he says.

Fabian Schneider and Myrto Stavroula Chatzopoulou .

Fabian Schneider and Myrto Stavroula Chatzopoulou .

Staying at Örebro University

Fabian Schneider knows he will remain in Örebro even after his education. He has got a job as an international student assistant at Örebro University and, in that role, will take care of new international students coming here to study.

“I’m so happy to have been given this chance. I’m really looking forward to using my experience to support others – not the least because my own time as a student here has meant so much to me,” he says.

Work in Stockholm

Maëva Letessier from France has also studied the Master’s Programme in Strategic Communication. She is proud to have graduated, especially since the coronavirus pandemic meant that teaching was partly remote.

“My time in Örebro has been filled with joy. I had fantastic fun with wonderful friends. Even if it was a challenge during the pandemic with remote learning, I’ll always remember Örebro and the wonderful nature around us, like Ånnaboda.”

Maëva Letessier

Maëva Letessier has moved to Stockholm.

Maëva Letessier currently works as a marketing coordinator of influencers for the French market. The Stockholm-based company sells posters and frames.

“I’ll always remember the amazing friends I have made here. We’ve developed strong ties, and I know we’ll meet every time they’re in Stockholm or when I come to Örebro,” she says.

Received scholarship

Johan Lundberg och Pontus Ek.

Johan Lundberg and Pontus Ek.

Swedish Johan Lundberg graduated from the Master’s Programme in Information Systems – Information Security Management back in 2020 and took the opportunity to celebrate when a physical graduation ceremony could finally be arranged.

“It feels great. Both the feeling of getting my master’s degree and receiving a commendable scholarship from Örebro Enskilda Handelsförenings Stiftelse for my master’s thesis. I could never have imagined this when I started my Komvux studies many years ago. I’m super happy!” he says.

Many happy students on campus.

Master's Programme in Information Systems - Information Security Management.

Today, Johan Lundberg works with IT security architecture and information security in Stockholm, helping companies and authorities with high IT security requirements.

Appreciates the international perspective

“My studies helped me understand cybersecurity from a greater perspective where confidentiality, integrity and availability must interact to ensure good information security. The best thing about the master’s studies at Örebro University is the broad perspective of the programme and the opportunity to exchange knowledge with classmates from different parts of the world. Personally, this gave me the right conditions to discover internationally sustainable solutions to the tasks we worked on together. The teachers and guest lecturers were very enthusiastic. Still, the most valuable thing I’ll carry with me from Örebro University is how fun it is to study. And I never thought I’d say that” he says, laughing.

Text: Anna Lorentzon
Translation: Jerry Gray
Photo: Katrin Wieder